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Apple has once again pushed back the deadline for requiring its employees to return to work. The company told its global workforce that it will not ask them to return to their offices until January, or even later. 

As opposed to its Silicon Valley counterparts, the tech giant never fully embraced remote working. Its employees have expressed displeasure with their new remote work policy, which requires employees to come to the office on specific days of the week. 

Now ironically, with the concerns over the surge of the Delta variant, Apple has delayed its return-to-the-office plans, allowing people to work remotely.

With a January 2022 return, Apple employees will have gone nearly two years without having to enter corporate premises since the virus outbreak started in March 2020. 

Besides Apple, Amazon recently announced that it was also delaying the reopening of its offices until January 3. 

Having worked remotely for nearly two years, do you think employees would be willing to return to their offices? 


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    You can't force the employees to come to an office just because you're Apple. They experienced this a hard way when some of their employees resigned. I think they will step back from their decision to call the employees back to the office.