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Hey Everyone,

We have just launched on product hunt: Link.

$700,000 annual revenue. We achieved it. It wasn't overnight. Rather, it has been a slow burn for us.


No buzz words, no nonsense. Just plain focus on doing the basics right:

1. Ensuring that we keep improving our screening and the quality of talent on our platform

2. Growing the traffic on our website through SEO

3. Automating all internal processes using no-code tools

4. Building side projects that bring us good traffic

5. Improving the way we communicate/sell our value to our customers.


So yes - just keep hitting the basics. Do it every day, every month and for years. It will get you where you want to be! Consistency is the name of the game 😅!

If you want to know more about Flexiple, I have included details below :). Please support us on Product Hunt 😀



About Flexiple

Flexiple is a network of Top 1% freelance developers & designers. In a nutshell, we make finding & working with the best freelance developers & designers a breeze!

While you work on building your startup, our tech architect will:

- Understand your requirement

- Find Top 1% talent in 48 hours

- Give you a 1-week risk-free trial


What's New

It has been a year since our last launch and since we have:

1. Hundreds of new developers & designers

2. Completely new website explaining our offering in better detail.

3. Highly useful resources for startups: Innovate

4. Open-source design illustrations: Scale

5. Of course, built a remote community: Remote Clan 😬


Are we "just another freelance marketplace"?

Nope! Here's how we are different:

1. Only the best: Each person in our network gets handpicked through a 6-stage screening process involving comprehensive interviews.

2. Free tech call: Each customer gets a free call with our tech architect to brainstorm about your product and also zero down on the talent requirements.

3. Handpicked recommendations: We will recommend the perfect match for your requirement - nothing less will suffice.

4. Risk-free trial: Start off and pay only if satisfied with our 1-week risk-free trial.


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    Congrats and thanks for the inspiration! Keep it rocking ;)

    And I upvoted on PH too :)

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      Thanks for the kind words, wishes and the support, Sophia! 

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      Congrats on the launch! Supported Flexiple on Product Hunt 👍

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        Thanks Mark :)

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        I know the product category first-hand - it is a great achievement.

        Most people don't realize how much work goes into making a marketplace successful.

        Big congratulations on the milestone!

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          Thanks a lot Boris :)

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