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Story Link: https://pages.voodle.com/async-hiring-beta-program

Welcome to the "Great Resignation" - recruiters are busier than ever. And while tools & technology have come in with AI & ML to try to streamline the process, we feel the human beings at the heart of it all are getting lost. We've spoken to almost 100 recruiters and hiring managers and we keep hearing the same things! It's hypercompetitive out there, recruiters are burnt out, and they are losing candidates at the offer stage more than ever (often because the candidate didn't a good feel for the company culture).

Anyone in the Remote Clan struggling with these problems? Share in the comments!

So, what if I told you there was a way to bring the human touch into your process at every step to help you break through in this incredibly competitive environment? This invitation is an excellent opportunity for recruiter and hiring teams to try a novel solution to help you show why you are different, signal your culture, stand out amongst other hiring competitors, and most importantly, make your recruit-to-close funnel more efficient. We are looking for early adopters to join this beta program and pilot the use of our short async video platform in their hiring workflow (and give us a little feedback). The process is super easy and won't take a lot of your time.
Short async video provides an scalable way to do things like:
😃Enhanced Job Descriptions with a more personal touch that shows why employees love working at company
🤗Warm team and manager welcome into panel stage
🎉Welcome to team, conveyance of excitement to enhance job offers and mitigate post acceptance remorse
Whether you join the beta or not, we would also like to offer this free downloadable toolkit complete with lots of great ideas & how-to's on how to leverage short video to improve your hiring workflows at every step! 

Any questions? Hit me up at [email protected] or just post a comment here!! Thank you Remote Clan!!!