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Airbnb debuted on the NY stock exchange and its shares doubled propelling the company to about a $100 billion valuation. Airbnb is now worth more than Marriot, Delta Airlines, and Hilton combined! ๐Ÿคฏ

Just a few months ago, Airbnb's revenue dropped by 32% in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and was even forced to lay off a quarter of its staff.

But as the travel and hospitality industry is still recovering from the impact, Airbnb is on a roll, reporting a profitable third quarter and returning to domestic growth ๐Ÿ˜Ž.

But what really drove these valuations? ๐Ÿค”

Vaccine Boostย 

This week, the U.K. became the first country in the world to begin using a clinically authorized vaccine with the EU and the United States expected to follow soon. Airbnb could benefit from a resurgence in business and recreational travel if these measures can halt the pandemic.

Big Bet on Remote Work

Airbnbs have made it possible for people to access homes in remote and exotic locations. It gained even more popularity this year as offices closed and employees worked remotely.ย 

It's easy to understand how Airbnb would benefit from the remote working trend. Millennials will log in from a faraway beach, a ski resort, or wherever they like to go. Staying longer-term allows them to escape daily routines, be close to loved ones, be in nature, or save money staying somewhere with a lower cost of living.

Airbnb also has a distinct advantage over hotels since it provides access to kitchens, flexible stays, and a wide selection of prices and options, which makes it easy for remote workers to meet their needs.

What do you think about Airbnb's stellar IPO?ย 


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    You know you can bet on these guys as they continue to adapt to every obstacle thrown in their way. Insane

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      That is so true! My favorite part was when they sold cereal in presidential candidate themed boxes to fund Airbnb in 2008.ย 

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        Yes. Exactly!

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      Well... It corrected a little already, I think it's a good time to buy as it will explode in growth next year.

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        I hadn't thought about it but it makes total sense. I know many people who are already moving from crowded cities (mainly from the US and mostly to places in Mexico or less crowded US states like Hawaii) and also many who are considering the remote working from a faraway beach dream :)

        As for travel, the fact that there are fewer people going around an Airbnb building than a hotel definitely has some influence here, as we are all going to have to keep some social distancing in mind for good. On the other hand, I think hostels that have shared rooms, for example, are pretty much doomed. Curious to see what they will do to adapt...

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          Good point, Alda. Airbnbs are better suited for remote workers on the go as it allows people to get to know their hosts more and experience local events & activities- something hotels lack.

          Although hotels are still an attractive option, those looking for a longer stay (a couple of months) may prefer Airbnbโ€™s. Recently, Airbnb also introduced long-term stays for people looking for stays for more than a month.