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Ref: Bloomberg article and Hrishikesh's post.

DB's arguments for a 5% privilege tax for remote workers:

(Better put by Justin in his post)

Remote work impacts the ecosystem surrounding the office. Less use of public infrastructure, office maintenance staff loses jobs = less contribution to the economy.

Solution? According to DB, governments should be charging extra tax for those who work remotely.

But here's what DB's planning for themselves:

- Remote work for 2 days/week or more perenially

- Already getting rid of office space & extra staff

Now isn't that contradicting yourself, DB? πŸ˜…

What does everyone else think?


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    Just read the article and saw that DB spent around $2 Billion on rent and furniture in 2019 🀯. I think they have finally understood that employees want flexible schedules and not flashy offices.

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      Certainly a headscratcher πŸ€”

      But then again banks are hardly new to contradictory behavior - negative interest rates, bad investments, government bailouts, criticizing crypto then selling it themselves, etc. 🀣

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        I am not entirely sure about the context because I have quite followed the DB narrative closely, but do you think that they are being contradictory here?

        They suggested that there should be a remote worker tax (which is super absurd, in my opinion). But that doesn't mean that they shouldn't opt for remote work themselves, right?

        Am I missing something here?

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          Ha, no, you're right, @karthik. The move itself isn't actually contradictory. Particularly if they even go as far as making good on paying their own proposed "tax."

          I was just being facetious and wanted to make a cheap joke. πŸ˜…

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            haha, fair point. No even Hrishikesh has been doing the same and I haven't had the chance to ask him about this either πŸ˜†

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        We are based in Germany, so we don't have so many alternatives than DB :-(

        We use primarily Revolut/Transferwise and DB primarily for government stuff in Germany.

        We used to get letters on paper from DB almost daily. Things such as "we have changed our privacy policy, here is our new privacy policy", "you have made a transfer through the online banking" etc.

        We actually had to yell to them a bit on the phone for them to stop sending us so many letters on papers. We told them many times before that we don't need those letters on paper. 😬

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          Wow, that is really quite archaic. Wouldn't have expected that from a bank in Germany. To be honest, we don't get such stuff even in the most traditional banks of India! Now, that's something