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Top remote products this week on Remote Tools.


✔️ Werk is a collaboration tool designed for remote and hybrid teams that provides features like voice chat, thread chat, task manager, hyperdocs, and more.

💰 Completely free for a limited period.


✔️ Himalayas is the best place for remote job seekers and companies to find and post remote jobs.

💰 Free for job seekers. Remote companies pay $50 for their first two jobs and $100 after that.

🤑 Deal

Use promo code REMOTETOOLS on any full-priced job post and receive 50% off. The promotion is valid until 11:59 pm on September 30th.


✔️ Chatwee is a live chat and instant messaging app facilitating real-time interaction between members of online communities and virtual event-goers.

💰 Free account available. Paid plan starts from $19/month.


✔️ Complish is an asynchronous collaboration tool designed to help remote teams connect & stay aligned all with fewer and better meetings.

💰 Free account available. Paid plan starts from $3.25/month for each user.

🤑 Deal

To get additional savings on your account, you can reach out to Complish through the chat on their website and mention Remote Clan in the subject line.


✔️ SnipRSS is a tool for curating your own custom RSS feeds from any online source.

💰 Free trial available. Pro plan starting from £18 per year.

🤑 Deal

Get a 15% discount by using the code Beta15.



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    Thanks for sharing Himalayas, can't wait to see what everyone thinks! If anyone has any feedback, please let us know - we're listening! 


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