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Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be a part of this awesome, emerging remote community :)

I'd like invite you all to check out this free event I'm hosting next month, Remote Career Success Week.

The speaker lineup includes successful remote professionals from Microsoft, Dropbox, GitLab, Automattic, Zapier, Buffer, and more!

You can join live Dec 8-10 for:
- Inspiring remote career success stories
- An inside look at top tech companies' hiring processes
- Resume strategies, cover letter examples, & more

Hope to meet some fellow community members there in the networking sessions :)

You can save your spot here.

In the meantime, feel free to comment and share your own stories! How did you find your current remote job? How did you stand out as a remote candidate?

And if you're struggling to find a remote job, what's the biggest challenge you're currently facing?


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    Looks like a great event! Really big names, including our own community member @stephsmith-11 - woot woot!

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      Yay! See you there. :)

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        Can't wait! :)

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      Wow, that's a great list of companies - I would be quite interested to know how Microsoft approaches remote jobs. Dropbox has now become a remote company, so that seems more natural. Didn't know Microsoft has a specific remote hiring strategy though.

      I am currently travelling during that time - so, do you plan to record the sessions? 😬


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        Yes, the sessions will be recorded! If you sign up, you'll be on our list to receive the recordings as soon as they're ready :)

        I'm really looking forward to interviewing our speakers from Microsoft and Dropbox! I know Microsoft is having some interesting discussions about geo-adjustment of salaries. And Dropbox is completely revamping the way they work in their new virtual-first approach.

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        Sounds really interesting! Just registered and saved this event to my calendar

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          Awesome! See you there :)

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          The lineup looks great -- super pumped for this event! 😉

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            That's awesome!

            As a freelancer with several different clients, I don't have a job per se, but the idea of some stability is very appealing, especially when it comes with great companies like those and the benefit of working remotely.

            Thanks for posting, my spot is saved :)


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              I know what you mean. It's great to see more companies hiring for long-term remote roles. Looking forward to seeing you at the event! :)