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We're finally at the end of 2020. It's been an eventful and more so for all of us since we came together as the Remote Clan.

Here's a list of some of the interesting stats, discussions & milestones on the Clan:

📌 We launched in early June and over the last 7 months, we've had 2827 comments, 10888 upvotes, 1074 new members & 536 stories.

📌 Top 3 posts with the highest number of comments:

- Why should you NOT use Slack

- Do you use an online whiteboard, typical use case & setup

- Welcoming new members weekly thread

📌 Most engaged users (basis # of posts, upvotes, comments): Justin, Ashley, Boris, Hanadi, Alda. Not surprisingly, they are all Clan Captains setting a great example as leaders.

That's it for 2020. Big thank you to all of you for making the Clan a success!

Wish you a happy new year 🎉


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    My favorite community for remote work related subjects

    Looking forward to contributing more in 2021!

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      Thank you @justinahn @ashleythomas @Borisov91 @hanadi-540 @aldalima for being such amazing community members 🙌

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        Thank you for building such a great community :-)

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          My pleasure! Thank you for the Remote Clan 😊🎉

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            Thanks a lot, Hrishikesh

            Glad to be a part of Remote Clan, and look forward to contributing more in 2021. Happy new year, folks!

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            Happy New Year, everyone! 

            Let's make 2021 better than 2020! 💯

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