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Hybrid Workplace Report 2021

The Hybrid Workplace Report 2021: The future of work depends on revolutionizing company culture & tools for remote workers and distributed teams...

Hi all! Voodle just launched our Hybrid Workplace Report 2021. It blends primary research with the expertise of a researcher, Dr Britt Andreatta, who specializes in the brain science of teams and leadership. We identify 5 big challenges leaders face in the shift to hybrid work along with 3 steps to developing a winning hybrid workplace you can do right away. I would love feedback from this community and, if you find it valuable, please share with colleagues or folks in your network who might find it interesting. Thank you!!


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    Thanks for sharing this report, Rachel!

    I was fairly surprised to learn that 70% of employees preferred the hybrid model following the pandemic. 

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      I think people miss their coworkers & want to get together at some level but also really appreciate the flexibility remote work provides. What's your take?