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Hey everyone,

I recently switched to a new role as a product manager (based out of Delhi, India) and I am looking to adopt the digital nomad lifestyle.

Would love your help & suggestions!

I am Looking for places having stable internet for a 3-4 weeks of stay anywhere in India (beaches/valleys). Would also be great to have accomodation/cafe/workplace suggestion.

Thanks in advance!


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    Hi Prakhar you should try RootLo app -  Rootlo is the first network that dedicates to help remote teams to build meaningful relationships across miles, help them discover and access local services and to build communities with like minded people around the world.

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      Hey Prakhar, 

      Congratulations on your new role! 
      I may not know many places, but I can suggest Zostel. I love the concept, you probably may find more primary travellers than primary working people, but it's a good inclusive environment.