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Hey everyone,

Extending a warm welcome the newest members on our community!

Would be amazing if you could:

1) Introduce yourself

2) Share a GIF that best describes you 😎

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    Hi everybody, Christian from Austria here. I own a house there in the countryisde, where I live with my wife and son. I work now as the product manager and team lead of Gravit Designer – the best professional design tool that works right in your browser – for well over three years. My entire team is remote, with people working all over the globe in Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, the USA, Georgia (the country), and China. The various time zones can be a challenge, but we adjusted pretty well. Microsoft Teams and the Office apps are our main communication tools and once a week we have a casual CoffeeTalk, that is strictly non-work related. 

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      Welcome again Christian - look forward to lots of interesting product & design discussions on the community :) Keen to learn a lot from you!

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      Hello Everyone! I'm Ajay from India. I am a senior backend dev interested in the distributed systems / cloud native space.

      Besides work, I enjoy reading quite a bit. Particularly I like reading books that have a touch of philosophy in them. I also am a big fan of Rock and all it's sub-genres. Recently exploring more on the indian indie music scene.

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        Hey Ajay, welcome again!

        Any recommendations for a must-read philosophy book? I am planning to pick up a new book and I mostly read biographies or related non-fiction, so want to diversify a bit. (Side note: I completed Fountainhead only after a huge number of failed attempts, so I may be a sucker at this 😅)

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        Welcome everyone. Glad to be part of the community. Looking forward to connecting this year.

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          Welcome, Joe 👋

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          Hi Everyone!

          I am Akshay, Co-Founder of Reslash. I am the numbers guy. :)

          Previously, I headed the business analytics at VWO and built the entire analytics structure from the ground up. Thus, helping the company become data-informed than ever. 

          At Reslash, I am helping us be data-focused right from the get-go to understand behaviours and patterns of user interactions.

          Outside Reslash, you can catch me beatboxing or singing at some off-beat joint in Goa. 🎵🥊 🌊

          The data guy

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            Hey Akshay, welcome again - Have said this already but love what you're doing at Reslash :)

            We would love to hear from you on the community about how you make decisions basis data at Reslash. Let me know if you need help in brainstorming new posts.

            Outside Reslash, you can catch me beatboxing or singing at some off-beat joint in Goa. 🎵🥊 🌊

            Nice! I am waiting for you to drop a beatboxing video on one of your coffee chats ;)

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              We can in fact have a live session on Reslash 🤩
              Let me invite you over. What say?

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            Hello 👋 Remote Tools community :D

            It's so good to be here with all of you :) I am Abdelilah, I am a Software Engineer and Founder & CEO of Neno, I have actually been a Software Engineer for half my life, I have been coding since I was literally 13 years old and there is nothing I love more than Computer Science and creating whatever is running through my mind.

            I worked for several startups remotely and here in Berlin but also for much larger established companies like eBay.

            Besides my background and work history I am a lot into fitness and physical exerices, I really enjoy pushing my self and doing increasingly harder exercises, look at pain in the eyes and still find the strength to push forward and become stronger, so (Before the pandemic) I used to spend a lot of time in the gym, now I train at home, do Yoga and run.

            I love history, especially ancient one, the Roman times and so on, it's quite fascinating and I like observing the world around me, there is so much to know and see, and let's not forget reading, whenever I find the time, I like reading mostly historical books, biographies, psychology and fantasy books.

            On top of that I am too much of a coffee lover and I really enjoy cooking :) That should be enough to start with :D I am an open book, so feel free to ask anything you have in mind.

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              Hello Everyone

              Applaud you on your decision to go remote. It is difficult and rare but you are a rare person :)

              I am Vishal. I run a product marketing firm that helps companies reduce customer churn and customer retention by our unique and tested 3 step process.

              I started as a software engineer a decade back. Then went on to solve problems for IIT Bombay, Indian Railways,, Mckinsey & co. Headed product for CallHippo and Softwaresuggest and felt in love with SaaS.





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                Hello Friends,

                Myself Santosh Pawar ifrom India, I am a Digital Marketing expert at Deliforce Pvt Ltd which is known for developing top-notch Last Mile Delivery Software. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with learned concentration.

                Deliforce is the ultimate SaaS-based last-mile delivery management software company in the USA. Launched in 2018, this last-mile logistics software offers hassle-free real-time tracking of delivery agents, field-force management, and logistics solutions across many business sectors such as retails, education, manufacturing, logistics, beauty, banking, healthcare, pharmacy, healthcare, etc. With a team of dedicated professionals, they handcrafted unique solutions for maximizing the business profit and to turn businesses into a unique brand identity.

                Deliforce provides unique features and functionalities such as smart route last mile optimization, streamlining of tasks, extensive dashboard features, real-time updates, push notifications, interactive analytics, and easy integration. Deliforce focuses on delivering the best logistics solution meeting all the requirements and preferences of the customers. They provide user-friendly, easiest-to-use, innovative, and scalable logistics management software that improves your business supply management chain and tackles all the complex delivery problems. They have already extended their seamless services to many businesses to automate and simplify their dispatching, tracking, and routing operations.

                Customer signature - Proof of Delivery

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                  Hey Santosh, glad to have you here. We have plenty of time & information to get to know about Deliforce, but we would love to know more about you :)

                  Can you share a short intro just about yourself - what you like, dislike and what you would like to gain from the community?

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                    Hi Hrishikesh Pardeshi,

                    Thanks, As you know i am a SEO Expert, have 8 years of experience purly into SEO, i have worked around 50+ websites including eCommerce platforms and Youtube channels in different niches: strategy, channel development from zero, youtube marketing, brand awareness, top rank videos on the first page in Youtube for several keywords.

                    My goal here isn't to do a single project or job, but to establish a relationship that allows me to gain additional knowledge, skill set and work from you down the road as well. So I know that I need to exceed your expectations to accomplish that goal!

                    I have a great sense of humor and I think im funny. I can be shy when meeting new people so this side only comes out when I warm up to you
                     - I love eating ice-cream, Chicken Biryani and Browsing the internet

                     - I tend to overthink small things (which are irrational most of the time)
                     - I can be alittle judgemental sometimes (but I'm more open-minded than i was last year)
                     - My mood overrides my manners sometimes. if im in a bad mood, i snap at everyone lol

                    If I say about remote clan community, It's a great place of real stories and experiences of successful remote workers – motivation, transition, challenges, likes/ dislikes & their overall journey. Myself currently working for a company called Deliforce, So i would like to know the experience and remote tools used by the people who work remotely for many years. Thanks again

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                      Hey Santosh, thanks for the amazingly detailed revert - look forward to getting to know more about you on the community :)

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                  Hey everyone,

                  I am Nilesh. I have MSC IT degree. I have total 8+ years of experience in Big Data, ETL (Informatica and Pentaho) and Oracle PL/SQL. Currently, I am working in Wipro Pune.

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                    Welcome Nilesh - glad to have you here :)

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                      Thank you

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                    Hey everyone,

                    Delighted to be a part of the community. I run a not for profit organization that empowers people to build open source software. 

                    I am currently trying to run an org, dev ops, and educational programs using mostly open source tools and then proprietary tools where there are grey areas or a lack of tech. 

                    I am currently using Discord, Github, Figma. I think there are interesting areas to explore like Gitlab, Strapi, Mattermost, and

                    I genuinely believe the community can come up with a tech stack for remote orgs that allows people around the world to get work done effectively. Any amount of help or collaboration I can get or provide on that front would be my pleasure, as it would add immense value and ease to my workflow. 

                    Glad to be a part of the Remote Clan!

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                      Hey Arsala,

                      Welcome again :)

                      Love the work you're doing and your vision. Is it just you managing Grey Software on your own entirely or do you have a team that helps out? Wondering if you also have short, sporadic contributions by people helping out on the side just like for other open-source projects.

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                        Nice to have you on Remote Clan. Cheers!