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Hey everyone, so I’m thinking of starting my blog - around the topics

  • Remote Work
  • Reviewing Tools
  • SaaS Industry
  • and any other topics I come across within that

Right now I am drafting a blog on - “How to Start Blogging?” I have in mind to include

  • what basics steps you need to take, like, where & how to set up an account
  • How to write a blog
  • tools that would be helpful

These are the questions I have in mind myself, so whatever answers you have would be used by me to write the blog so that in future it can help other people haha

Any writers, if you could give me links to your own blogs on this topic, I could take some inspiration from them. And other’s any advise you have otherwise would be great!


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    Congrats Anushka and all the best to you :)

    I recently wrote an article on how to write a newsletter: https://2.flexiple.com/newsletter/how-to-write-and-ace-a-newsletter. It is not the same as “how to write a blog” but probably could still be helpful.

    I’ve used webflow and MailChimp. A easier tool would be substack. The problem though is that you won’t get any SEO benefit.

    If you don’t go for substack, the best tools would be:

    • WordPress to host your blog
    • MailChimp to share with your subscribers
    • Grammarly to point out any errors/typos

    I don’t think you need anything beyond this :)

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      Karthik’s post is a great read on this @anushka.

      Congrats on starting your own blog! Do share the link when it is live :-)

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        you’re sweet, I will definitely!

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          Hi Anushka! Congratulations on your new project :) I will be following this conversation for now - I can’t offer a lot of advice because I’ve been wanting to start a blog (about travel) myself but haven’t yet. I would love to read yours once it’s live, though!

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        Cool article! Thanks for posting :)