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Top remote products this week on Remote Tools.

✔️ SeQure is the most versatile workplace management platform that transforms how your team works.

💰 Free trial available. Paid plan starting from $9 per month/location.

✔️ MyPivot is a guidance platform that provides with tools, support and insights to help you find your passion, a better-paying job or just explore a new career. 

💰 Free trial available.

🤑 Deal

A comprehensive career change planner for free available for limited period only.

✔️ Willo is a recruitment software that helps you hire 40% faster with its straightforward, affordable video interviewing interface that you can setup in minutes

💰 Free plan available. Paid plan starting from £27 per month per user.


✔️ The Newsreels App helps you stay informed by transforming long news items into short news reels and concise bullet point that are updated in real-time.

💰 Free download available on iOS and Android


✔️ Chaos Genius is business observability tool that helps you monitor your business & system metrics and get automated RCA with multi-dimension drill-downs.

💰 Start for free and scale with pro plan.


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    SeQure: @vignesh-2213
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      Thanks for writing about us! Really appreciate it 🙂

      Quick clarification - our platform name is Pivot (instead of MyPivot). And we help early to mid-career professionals change careers (role or industry) by helping them plan their transition, get 1:1 guidance from industry experts, and find the best career resources.