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Ever since the pandemic began, everything from concerts to classes has made the transition to Zoom. At one point, I even used Zoom to reach out to my buddy next door! It is evident that Zoom is being used for various events rather than just for business meetings or conferences.

Now Zoom attempts to put a stronghold on this massive audience by introducing a new set of features during its Zoomtopia 2020 event.ย 


Zoom + Apps = Zapps


Zoom introduced โ€˜Zappsโ€™ that enables users to directly integrate into third-party platforms including Dropbox, HubSpot, Salesforce, and also this weekโ€™s top productโ€” LucidSpark. This will allow seamless idea-sharing and facilitates easier collaboration without ever leaving Zoom's interface.

Competition for EventBrite

Zoom also launched OnZoom, an online event platform and marketplace. With this platform, hosts can grow their businesses, expand their reach, and most importantly, theyโ€™ll also be able to charge for events.


Hosts can add event features such as chat, polls, reactions, and question-and-answer to create a more immersive experience for participants. Meanwhile, consumers can use OnZoom to discover classes, concerts & workshops. Does it mean my Zumba classes will no longer be free? :/



Back to School


Want to recreate a classroom or courtroom experience on Zoom? With Immersive Scenes, you can now set a custom background theme for meetings or create layouts where participant videos are embedded within a scene that everyone shares, like classrooms, etc. Looks cool, isn't it?



What do you think about these new updates?


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    Team at Zapier, probably when they see Zoom's new app play:

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      Haha, Zapier is not going to be too happy about this ๐Ÿง

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        Also this -ย 

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          Haha I was thinking the same...
          Zoom Apps = Zaps... As if Zapier didn't exist :D

          I guess the mainstream user won't see it.

          But for me, Zaps = Zapier.

          1. 2

            A 100%. I assumed that Zoom found that market enticing and decided to enter it. Then read the description and facepalm ๐Ÿ˜…

      2. 1

        The classroom is a great idea, hats off for that!

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