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Dropbox founder, Drew Houston, recently shared his lessons learned during the pandemic.

While doing so, he said that the 40-hour work week is a thing of the past. A "work week" should just be whenever work happens the best for each person.

There's also a separate discussion going on about this, led by Justin.

But the spirit of Drew's statement is that the 40-hour work week is an artifact of factory work and is no longer relevant in the modern times. So we need to find more flexible alternatives.

Now Dropbox is not alone in voicing this. Many other companies are experimenting with an alternative to the 40-hour work week.

For instance, both of the following tweets by founders have gone viral, which is indicative of the initial success and general sentiment among everyone.

What are your thoughts on experimenting with alternatives to the traditional 40-hour work week and especially a 4-day work week?