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Guys, I am a self-taught person, currently studying javascript and Vue 3. In the near future I am thinking of opening my own business in the area of ​​web development, frontend to be more specific.

I would like to know if there is any good literature on remote work and how to design a work methodology that is totally different from those implemented by big techs.

The Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset has a sentence like this: "que otros hagan su más, yo hago mi menos" (that others do their more, I do my less). Sorry if I am being vague, but as I said, I am incipient in this matter. If I made myself understood, I would like suggestions for books on this topic. Please excuse my bad english :)


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    Hey Edison, I would recommend taking a look at GitLab's Remote Playbook (Found it to be very detailed and easy to understand)

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      Thanks a lot, Ermira! I gonna download the ebook right now! 😉

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      Self promotion here - you could try my two books Remote Work The New Normal or The Remote Project Manager .  There definitely is space for lateral thinking around remote work -  I'm very enthusiastic about Meetter.  They've taken the issue with meeting overload and fixed it by completely re-thinking the whole meeting concept.  They started by trying to find out what people needed from meetings rather than trying to replicate what happens in offices.  Good luck!  Gren