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I spend hours browsing through news and articles to find some quality content around remote work. Mostly, I end up knowing nothing new. If I am lucky, I stumble upon a great piece or a “breaking news” item.

But come on, it shouldn’t be that tough, right? Particularly when all of us are in this situation of remoteness - we want to know how others are faring and there’s certainly so much happening around us!

So to tackle this irony, we built something simple but crazy interesting - an automated feed that gives you the best bite-sized remote work content.

Before you read any further, I would strongly recommend you check out the feed. What follows is an explanation of why and what we have built.

A) What pushed us to build this?

I alluded to some problems earlier. But here’s the exact pain points I face while searching for good remote work content:

  1. There aren’t any topics or feeds that I can subscribe to, to receive alerts. You see, remote work was still treated as a niche before COVID-19. For e.g. no topics on Twitter or Google News around ‘Remote Work’.

  2. I have to read entire articles and blog pieces before recognising if they are worth the time. As a result, I have to read content that I should never have to in the first place.

  3. Twitter with its short-form content does tackle the above problem. But there’s too much noise on my feed or even in the search results.

B) Our solution

So, we built a content feed exclusively for remote work. It is automated by default but is also curated by yours truly and my team!

Let’s get into specifics:

1. Short & crisp: The feed is restricted to short-form content - currently only from Twitter. So, grab the best content in small chunks.

2. Fresh: The feed gets updated every 3 hours. We have added a number of parameters and our secret sauce for content curation 😋.

3. Smooth read: To establish a smooth reading flow, we have categorised content for relevance and congruity.

4. Only the best: You will see a maximum of 10-12 tweets for a day, mostly much lower.

5. Comprehensive: We plan to include content from other sources as well, soon. But we’ll continue to stick to the bite-sized format.

C) How to use the feed?

This is quite obvious, but just humour me:

1. Feed: You can check out the feed page regularly. We have a helpful timer at the very top that tells you when the next update is coming in.

2. Morning mail: Alternatively, we will send you a daily email at 9AM ET for you to read with your morning coffee.

D) What’s next

There’s plenty of amazing updates we have lined up, but here’s a glimpse -

1. Infinite feed: Going beyond 3 days on the feed. I know the feed keeps you hooked and you want to keep browsing 😉

2. Trigger discussions: Starting or joining a discussion on the nuggets you like.

3. Add content sources: More awesome content sources and updates to our curation algorithm 😀

P.S: Originally published here.


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    Hey Hrishikesh. Just checked out the page and totally liked this idea. Twitter is overpopulated with so many tweets and original content often gets lost amongst the chaos. This is an amazing initiative!

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      Super happy that you liked this Ermira! Would love to hear more from you once you use it for a few days/ weeks :-)