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Hey everyone,

Extending a warm welcome the newest members on our community!

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    Hi All - I was excited to find this community!  I am a productivity trainer and coach, working for over 30 years with more than ten thousand clients. As an introvert and not super technical person I love working from home but I didn't enjoy Zoom or other platforms until Covid when I learned to embrace it. 

    During the early days of the pandemic my clients asked for help to disperse their teams but still maintain productivity, so I started "study halls" for remote workers - basically, a  hosted virtual coworking schedule.  The idea took off quickly, so I launched it as a new business in January. 

    Now I facilitate 10 - 15 Focus Bubbles per week with a growing community of lovely people including gig workers, employees, business owners and grad students. There are even a few Retiree's who attend to give their day structure. 

    I am interested in this community to keep an eye on trends for remote workers and tools to support my clients.  

    I am located in Calgary, Canada.  

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      Hi Dawn!! It's great to connect with you here. Since you are looking to keep an eye out on tools to support your clients, if I sent you an invite to my company, Centered's Beta launch, would you be down to join us for it? We are currently looking for productivity coaches to partner with us!! Shall we connect on LinkedIn...

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        Hi - I sent a LI connection.  Chat soon 😀 -Dawn

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        Hey Dawn, nice to have you here! I checked out Focus Bubbles & it looks amazing. Totally love the concept. Would love to hear more about your journey -- how you built it, your challenges & if there's anything the community could help with :)

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          Thanks!  I just got off a call with Coworkies in Europe and suggested their founder check you out, so you should have a new joiner soon. 

          Let me know how I can best contribute to this community.  




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        I'm Markus, and I create Shopify apps & themes. 

        My vision behind starting a company was to generate enough regular income to work and travel (or travel and work). So I quit my job end of last year and started this journey together with my wife. 

        Basically, you have 2 options for getting paid: Sell your hours, or create an app or service. While the first is easier to get started, the second gives you more freedom but is way harder and requires an unpredictable amount of time upfront. So I decided to start with 3 really cool client projects and work on my apps in parallel. My current progress is quite good, and we hope to be able to explore the world anytime soon ;-)

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          Super cool Markus -- do you also share your journey in public, say Twitter or LinkedIn? Would love to read more.

          Welcome to the community :)

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            As soon as my first app is released, I write more publicly. Then I let you know (and anyone else ;-)

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          Hey Everyone! I'm an opera singer turned wellness guru (all things nutrition, yoga, and sound healing) that's now forging a mindful path with the #1 Flowstate app, Centered! I came to the tech start up world via my network marketing business with Arbonne, a holistic wellness company, which I've been building for the past 7 years. I help people to get healthy and happy through our wellness products. Unlike what I thought I knew about "one of those companies," Arbonne has truly been a game changer for me and I am so grateful that I decided to do something that so many were against. And now it has led me to the tech start up world working with Centered as a Growth Strategist!! I'm currently based out of Long Beach, NY, spend my winters in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico, and now looking for my next remote WFH destination. I'm so grateful to be here!!

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            Hey Sammi, it was nice reading about your journey 😃. Happy to have you here!

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              Thanks so much Ashley! It's great to connect with you. Looking forward to chatting with you more about all the things, and noodles of coure. ;-)

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              Hey Sammi - I'm just finishing up working from Cozumel. Love to hear your next stop. I'm currently reseraching Turks and Caicos, Bonaire and maybe the Caymans (scuba diving required!). Love to hear your criteria for choosing...besides good wifi! :) 

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                Hey Heather, I'm all about the scuba diving too and I can speak on the beauty of Bonaire, hands down the best scuba I've down. Although I do hear amazing things about Turks and Caicos. At the moment, I'm up in NY for the sping and summer softball seasons with a short trip out to the west coast in May and then again in July. I'm looking for somewhere exotic for the fall and great scuba diving would be a total plus. I also love taking advantage of the value of the American dollar and making it stretch far. Let's connect, perhaps we can arrange a fun buddy dive trip. 

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                  Just got a notice of cheap flights to the Caribbean from Scott's Cheap Flights. Gonna try and score trips to Turks and Caicos, Belize and Bonaire. Then BACK to Utila off the coast of Honduras. 

                  I'll let you know my dates and where I (hopefully) find a hostel or cheap lodging...

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                Hey Sammi, welcome again :)

                You've a truly inspiring journey -- look forward to chatting more on the Clan!

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                Hey everyone!

                I'm Yessica, a product and content marketing expert with over 10 years of experience, based in Berlin after stints in São Paulo, London, Liverpool, and Lisbon. I specialise in B2B marketing and content strategy with a rich and diverse background in SaaS startups in European and Latin American markets.

                I am also a literature lover and a published poet with a MA in Creative Writing and extensive journalism background. I am fluent in Brazilian Portuguese and English, and I'm slowly getting a grasp on German too.

                How would I describe myself in one Gif? 

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                  LOVE this gif. Am pro weirdo...not sure I qualify but I aspire to. Also jealous of your many languages. 

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                    Welcome Yessica -- great to have you here :)

                    Wow, that's a super impressive background! You excel at the thing I am suck at - creative writing. Lots of learn from you!

                    Look forward to your posts on the Clan!

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                    My name is Heather Chavin and I also have a start-up called GoGoDone Virtual Coworking Community. I incubated it in Seth Godin's alumni community where I'm also a coach for his altMBA program. It was growing slowly and steadily...and then I got laid off from my corporate job in professional development. It grew a lot faster once I could work full time on it!

                    I have a few hundred people in the community and run just under 30 coworking sessions per week with Euro- and Aussie-friendly times (and good for anyone in nearby time zones!). We also run two-week sprints and have a premium community where we promote each other's content on social media to build our businesses and side gigs.

                    Been a remote worker for a decade and a half and was a mental health counselor before that. Needless to say, my community runs on the touchy-feely side of things but we do know how to GSD!!

                    My fav gif is below because even superheroes have rough days. Give yourself a break already! ;)


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                      Haha, totally love the GIF :)

                      Welcome Heather, glad to have you here!

                      Amazing to read about your experience -- curious, would you like to contribute your story to remote chronicles? Happy to share more details if you're interested!

                      Look forward to chat more on the Clan.

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                        Thanks for the offer @hrishikesh - I just subscribed and would love to contribute my story to Remote Chronicles.

                        I'm actually just finishing up six weeks of working remotely in Cozumel, MX so I could scuba dive in my downtime rather than watch the sad, sad rain out my Oregon window. I know a lot of remote workers who keep thinking about making that leap...happy to provide a shove. Or I can take any frame that you like for the blog. 

                        Share all the details and I'll get it in the todo system. :)

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                      Hey @dawnoconnor-1537 @heatherchavinsheher-1493 markustripp-1546

                      Happy to welcome you all to the clan! 👋

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                        Hi everyone