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This is a really thoughtful (and bullish) post on remote work by Paul Millerd. He also mentions Matt Mullenweg’s ‘5 Stages of Remote Work’ which is a pretty clever version of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. My guess is that this community will find it of interest.



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    Great share Brendan! I read the original article by Matt a few weeks back and loved it.

    I particularly liked the fact that Matt explicitly calls out that level 5 is more of an ideal and not necessarily achievable, always or entirely -

    Finally, I believe it’s always useful to have an ideal that’s not wholly attainable — and that’s level five, Nirvana!

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      Thanks for sharing Brendan. I had actually not read Matt’s original piece.

      It did make me think of our startup. I think we are still at level 3 and I see quite some resistance before we break out to level 4. I think that’s the toughest transition actually among all the levels.

      All of us are used to receiving answers to our questions rather quickly. So, going async just questions our way of working at the very core. I, myself, keep checking Slack to see if my question has been answered by the other person.

      Somehow, I am not convinced about async being the only way to work remotely at the moment. But that might be my ignorance. I will update here if that opinion changes over time.

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        I wonder if it’s a cultural shift that the company needs to make. (Reminds me of this Paul Graham essay…http://www.paulgraham.com/makersschedule.html) As a sales consultant/coach, I’m fixated on quick turnarounds, but for other roles that isn’t the best working style.

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          Sure, that could be the case. But I think it needs to be accepted that this takes quite some energy and time from all involved. I, unfortunately, don’t see us prioritizing this for now. Hope we do get there in the near future though.

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        Interesting read, Brendan

        Really excited about the ‘asynch’ stage of remote working. I think most companies are trying to make the giant leap from level 3 to 4. Curious to find out if any companies are already in stage 4 or are close to achieving it.

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          In my experience, still early. Will be curious to see how the new solutions advance adoption and effectiveness. One thing is certain, things will be different.

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          Quick update to this post. Had a chance to speak with Paul Millerd yesterday and have to stress that, if you’re a freelancer or otherwise self-employed (or, honestly, working at all), you should read his posts. They are really thoughtful and provocative, and the guy is looking way ahead.

          Plus, he’s just a quality person. He’s on Twitter at @p_millerd