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Hello all,

I am in the validation stages of a startup idea, and would love any and all feedback from this community! My product aims to solve what I believe is one of the biggest pain points for remote workers when looking for long-term (2+ week) accommodations.

Inspired by this post on this forum, I've created a short 2-minute survey. I would be extremely appreciative of anyone that takes the time to respond!

If you are a remote worker, please complete this survey.

If you are a rental property owner, please complete this survey.

Much appreciated,



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    Hey Patrick, I think the first survey link (for remote workers) is broken. Can you please check & reshare it?

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      Thank you for pointing that out!


      I can't seem to figure out how to actually edit this post though. I wasn't able to from the actual post, or on my profile. Mind giving a quick explanation?

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        Sure, the 'edit' button should be right next to your name and below the post title. I just changed the link right now. Also filled up the survey :)

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        In the meantime - here is the link for anyone that is interested!


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        Seems interesting, I think Airbnb has options for choosing long-term stays but unsure whether the parameters are helpful for remote workers.

        I have filled out the survey, Patrick :)

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          Thanks so much! Airbnb does allow for long-term stays, but as a remote worker, I have felt that the parameters aren't that helpful.



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            I have an airbnb that I do long-term stays only with and I have booked long term stays. I just need a picture of the work station and if there's wifi but would love a requirement for business travel to list your mbps. I'm going to put that on my listing now!

            Love this topic!

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          Hi Patrick!

          I've filled out the survey too :)

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            Thank you so much! 😁

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            Getting a lot of great feedback on this survey!


            I am going to post the results in a new thread on Monday. Really looking forward to hearing people's thoughts on the outcome 😁