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Hey guys

As we head into 2021 I thought it may be good to run a quick face-to-face networking event for us Remote workers?

I have access to a virtual events platform so this would not cost anyone anything. It will have no agenda (unless  Hrishikesh can find some time to quickly address us all?) and will be a low key event for us to all get to know each other a bit better and share some remote working tips and tricks into 2021.

Let me know if you think it would be a good idea? We can work on a date and time that's most convenient for all.




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    sounds like a plan Tyrone 


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      Hey Tyrone,

      Thanks for the post. I think it's a great idea for us all to connect together live.

      However, on Remote Clan, we've primarily used discussion threads to interact with each other. It's convenient since each of us can share our thoughts & opinions whenever we have time. So I feel we should continue using that as the primary mode of interaction but yes, virtual meetups is something I have in mind, maybe for later part of 2021.

      I would love for you to start off discussions that interest you most - could even be feedback on something you're building. I will be happy to spread the word through our newsletters.

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        OK great! Would be nice to put some faces to names one day. 

        Have a great day everyone.

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          I would still love to hear what others have to say - even if a few of us are up for this, we could do an informal catchup call. I will also share this post in our newsletter to prompt people to respond :)

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            I think it's a great idea. I was actually thinking about starting a thread on networking when remote and asking for tips from the remoteclan community.