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Hey Clan 👋🏻

I am currently looking at various different hosting providers for a project and was wondering which ones people like and prefer? What's good and bad about the ones that you personally use for deploying apps and simple websites?


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    I like netlify for it's simplicity for JAMStack, another alternative is Zeit.

    For backend servers, I think digital ocean is top notch. AWS lightsail and hetzner are good options too. I haven't hosted anything that gets a lot of views, so I can't comment on what's good for scale.

    For backend as a service, firebase is pretty good.

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      I personally prefer Vercel as it has more server-side functionality. Though Netlify is also somewhat similar, except for a few minor differences in its interface. Both services have a 100 GB bandwidth limit for free plans which is good enough for hosting small projects.

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        I have used Digital Ocean and Heroku for most of my projects. Of course, for static websites, we have used Netlify also.

        Digital Ocean has a good intuitive dashboard but there are some limitations to its usage too. Heroku is great for Rails+postgres projects.

        We stopped using AWS after the first year as the ability to set very specific configurations is not super useful for startups and also gets a bit painful to manage. We did experience downtime as a consequence and it felt like we needed to allocate some maintenance time each week.