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The pandemic accelerated the shift out of large, crowded cities like San Francisco & New York. As a result, cities like Miami & Austin seem to have benefited a lot.

The migration away from large cities is real and it's a massive shift. I also noticed a couple of Twitter thread educating people about how it's like to work from & live in cities like Miami & Austin.

Also read this article from WSJ which talks about Austin gaining popularlity in the recent months. Some interesting stats from the article:

- Austin is expected to create ~10,000 jobs - highest figure for a single year ever

- For every person who moved to the Bay Area from Austin between April and October, 2.9 people moved in the other direction (39% increase from 2019)

- For New York, the same ratio was 2.2 (45% increase from 2019)

- # of 28-day-plus Airbnb reservations for entire homes in Austin increased 57% in the 3rd quarter compared to 2019

What's making places like Austin attractive?

- Lower tax (no state income tax)

- Good weather (winters are short & mild)

- Homes are roomy and many have backyards


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    Great share John. We've all seen this coming for 1-2 months now and there's more of migration to happen next year. I am more keen to see what policies local & state governments come up with to manage & attract inflow.

    The WSJ article also states that public transit & infrastructure isn't the best in Austin. So is the case elsehwere where the inflow is happening. Something local bodies must act upon right away.

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      That's really great not just for the cities attracting talents, but for the crazy rent in condensed cities so people can finally afford more normal living costs.Β