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Hello Remote Claners! 

I love lists of tools: 25 tools to do this, 30 tools to do that... but when I'm looking to cover a whole process such as organizing and facilitating a workshop, I feel overwhelmed by the addition of each list that only covers one part of the process. So I find myself with 300 tools and I start making benchmarks of benchmarks... 

So I decided to create a list of the top tools for each step of the virtual workshop organization process, from planning the meeting to reflecting on how it went. (Yup, I ended up making the benchmark of benchmarks).  

So I published here what I got so far.

Which tool do you think is missing? 

I'd love to hear a clear use case and how this tool nails it!

Again, the goal is not to have another list of 300 tools, but to make sure that we have the best ones to cover the whole process. 


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    Great write-up! We're using Loom, Notion and also Miro as part of our creative workshops.

    We're just writing a post on how to run virtual workshops with small teams of max. 10 participants where more interactivity is required because we've noticed an uptick in teams who use our own tool, CoScreen, for that.

    It enables multiple users to share any application or content simultaneously on a joint canvas. And in addition, anyone can interact with any of them concurrently and workshop facilitators can jump between different CoScreens for breakout groups. Happy to share once the post is ready.

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      Coscreens seems great! I'd love to see the use case with workshops! Could you share the blog when it's out? 

      I've actually been thinking about how tools like CoCcreen (or Tandem) could be leveraged and the first thing that'd come to mind is that participants need to download the app, which can be fine in a team but more tricky if it's with clients or people external to the team. But it's true that for breakout groups that can be really hands-on (like design, code or writing), the experience should be amazing! 

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        Will do! And agreed on external parties - getting set up with desktop app only takes 5 minutes but we're already working on a web mode...

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          Nice! Looking forward to it!

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      Sophia : You put together an excellent --and CONCISE-- list of tools. I'm planning a virtual summit and now feel like you just saved me from mass confusion and time waste. THANK YOU 👏🏼👏🏼 WELL DONE! Btw, your thoughts on HeySummit, Hubilo, or HopIn? Are these more appropriate for larger conferences than workshops?

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        Thanks Siobhan! Organizing a summit sounds exciting 😀

        I have never organized a summit myself but I can share my feedback as a participant, speaker, and event partner : 

        - Heysummit is great for speakers and for event management and marketing. I never experienced the "live webinar" feature and all the summits I was a speaker at, were pre-recorded. In the participants' feedback, not being able to engage directly during the summit was often mentioned as an issue and a lot of them were surprised and/or disappointed because the event organizer didn't make it clear from the beginning. So I think it really depends on how interactive you want the summit to be and how smooth and functional are the integrations with zoom (also, tell your participants in advance if it's pre-recorded). 

        - Hopin has a good user experience as a participant but in my experience, there were many bugs and cuts in the video broadcast (but I might just have been unlucky and there might be improvements since the last time I used it).

        - I don't know Hubilo. 

        Personally, my best experience as a participant has been in an event hosted on I loved the fact that I could choose to join live shows or groups of participants to network, just like in a real summit. There were a few issues when broadcasting the live shows but it didn't feel like a big deal. 

        I have been hearing good things about but never tried it. The fact that it is based on Zoom makes me think that it's solid in terms of performance. 

        PS: if you want a list of platforms that is NOT CONCISE (200+ platforms), you might be interested in this one

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          Thanks So Much AGAIN Sophia ! I appreciate the link to 200 platforms; however with the info you've already provided, I don't think I'll overwhelm myself with that one 😄