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Remote work is bringing some new challenging questions to employers. The entire employee - employer contract is changing and organizations and their HR need to address that.ย 

The remote workforce model is turning the world of HR upside down - from recruitment to compensation to performance management to employee engagement... The HR profession will have to embrace innovative thinking like no time before or risk going obsolete.ย 




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    That's true. I can see the HR profession turning to be more inclined towards the wellbeing of employees. Over the recent years, various research has proven that employee health and wellbeing directly influences work behavior, attendance, and job performance. HR professionals should also be aware of the changes and advances in technology to be relevant in this remote age.

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      Yes Hanadi. And this is not going to be restricted to only HR professionals.

      A few weeks back @nancy raised a very pertinent point about "Office managers" being unclear about their role once there is no more an office. Here is the post link.

      We spoke to Darren from Gitlab about this and he suggested that they would also have to change context and pick up new skills such as "becoming a company documentarian or executive business assistant".

      So, things are changing in more ways than one and surely some of this going to be painful. Adapting and upskilling is the only way forward!

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        thanks Karthik for flagging this convo thread - just replied - awesome insight from Gitlab's Darrenย