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Hi folks,

I am making fairytrail.app - the first ever dating app for people with a remote work lifestyle (one can look for friendships too).

Several facts:
- Free (just email me to get verified if you don't want to pay $3)
- 10k+ members (50% are fully remote, 43% aspire to be)
- Balanced gender ratio - 56% women members
- No bots - all users are screened before they can match
- Beta - your feedback really counts here and we are constantly improving the app

This is my passion project and my day job is product management at a startup. I have a 2021 goal to turn this into my full time job. Previously I tried regular dating apps and noticed that many people I dated didn't want to or couldn't move. I'd really like to explore the world with someone and this is my attempt to solve this. 

Find your location independent partner!


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    Wowww Super cool!!!

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      Thanks for your encouragement! 

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      It's hard to promote dating app our days, usually it requires a  good budget. Hope your niche project will get a lot of users 👍

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        thanks andrew! is this an area you're familiar with? i could really help with marketing haha. building is one thing, marketing is another

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        Hey Tiage - really cool, I feel we should talk! this is what Im doing and I feel we have a ton of opportunities to partner..


        if this resonate with you please go ahead and choose a date/time to talk; 

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          Thanks for sharing your cool project! Nice to meet you. I'll add you on LinkedIn first and then schedule the call when things calm down a bit-- I'm heads down in work for the next 3-4 weeks.