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Zoom announced a $100M fund to support the most promising startups that are using the company’s technology in their products.



Last year, Zoom launched its marketplace, revealing its ambition to provide more than just a video conferencing solution. It plans to be a platform that developers could use to build applications on top of Zoom.

The company plans to invest between $250,000 and $2.5 million in Zoom apps that are looking to revolutionize the way its customers meet, collaborate, and communicate.

Zoom CTO Brendan Ittelson said

“A big part of this is helping facilitate those early companies and giving them the access to resources and connections within Zoom, so that they can grow and succeed,”

Apart from Zoom, other tech companies also have their own funds that support startups in their ecosystems such as the Slack Fund and Salesforce’s Impact Fund.

What are your thoughts on fund allocations by tech companies to support their partners?


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    It's smart practice for global tech companies to build incubator / funding avenues to enable small teams to focus and grow complimentary products... and then possibly acquire them.

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      Are you applying Shahul?

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        Not really, Taige :) But seems like there is a huge opportunity here! 

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        Does anyone have any examples of startups working on a Zoom app? The only integration that come to my mind is the Zoom for Slack, which A. Isn't much of an app; and B. Slack isn't a startup 🤷

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          Found this blog post about the 'startups' working on building Zoom apps. But, yes, wouldn't classify them as an app or a startup 😅