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Slack launches clips, video messages that help you avoid meetings

Clips lets you record video voicemails for Slack coworkers.

Slack just launched its new clips feature, allowing coworkers to record video messages within their Slack channels. Slack users can record up to three-minute clips on the desktop as well as the mobile app.

These Clips can be shared in channels or through DMs on Slack, and they even include live captions and a transcript of the recording. The transcripts are searchable in the Slack interface and make it easier to find them whenever users need to.

Because they’re just like sharing an image or a text message in Slack, coworkers can reply with text, audio, video, or emoji.

Tamar Yehoshua, the Chief Product Officer at Slack said:

“We were inspired by how people are using video in consumer apps. We actually prototyped a lot of different versions of this internally, and now we’ve settled on this as a means of communicating into your work repository.”


Clips have already begun rolling out and will be available for all paid teams this fall.


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    That's pretty cool! Has Slack just crushed all the short-video competitors out there like Loom?

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      those were my same thoughts too!! :ooo

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        It does seem that this new feature would be a major challenge for short video sharing tools. But currently, Slack doesn't offer this feature to free users. 

        Moreover, Loom makes it super easy to record and share videos within minutes. Wonder if Slack would be able to replicate this