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compairbnb - If you are planning a trip, save yourself some time | Product Hunt

Have you ever had like πŸ’― tabs open all of different places you may stay? Compairbnb will save you time.

I love Airbnb and it released a load of features recently, but none have helped me as a remote worker.Β 

I'm constantly on Airbnb looking for the next place to live and comparing multiple tabs to find the best.Β 

To make it easier, I built a chrome extension.Β 

My only intent for this extension is for it to be noticed by Airbnb, so that they'll do something about it and give us a better product. Their API offerings are really unhelpful and hence only they can solve this perfectly, though what I've built is 80% there I think.Β 


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    Wow, this tool is really helpful. Great idea, Alex :)

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      Thanks Sarah! Hope it helps! If you know anyone at Airbnb please get their attention :D

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      That's just perfect, Alex! 🀩Thank you!

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        Any time, if there is anything to improve please shout!Β 

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        Super cool! I can't wait to check this out. Can I use it on my phone? Or does it work best on laptop? How do I get it?

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          Only on the chrome browser right now I'm afraid.Β 

          You can install it here:Β