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Hi all! 👋

I'm Carlo, co-founder of tl;dv and this is my first post in this amazing community. Looking forward to connecting! 

Exactly one year ago, right before the Christmas holidays my co-founders and I made the decision to kick off tl;dv. We started with the goal to help remote teams communicate more efficiently. Meetings with fewer live participants. Asynchronously shareable meeting highlight to keep the entire team always in the loop.

Little did we foresee that the entire world will be thrown into a forced remote reality almost immediately after.

Initial remote hype, then Zoom fatigue. We brought the always-on office culture right into our homes, one live meeting at a time.

Our goal in '21 will be to empower more and more teams to schedule work around their life, instead of the other way around!

Remote work has so much more personal freedom to offer - so let's equip companies with the right tools to embrace asynchronous communication.

Now we're hiring for our second time across multiple early positions at tl;dv: Engineering, Social Media & Content, Growth, CS/CX.

If you're intrigued to learn more just click on the Notion link below to learn all about tl;dv, what we're exactly looking for and how you can apply!

Also glad to answer all kinds of questions in the comments! 

Full tl;dv Job Postings & Company Profile


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    Being an avid supporter of the async movement, I really admire your work. This sounds like an exciting place to work :)

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      Really cool to hear that! And yes, we can guarantee it definitely won't get boring haha 

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      Hey Carlo 👋

      tl;dv looks really - I want to try it out real soon. You & Raph are building an amazing company. I hope you find some great applicants quickly.

      I'll also share this post in our newsletter :)

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        Thanks, Hrishikesh! Much appreciated 🙌