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Happy new year to you. 2021 is a year full of fresh opportunity. We recently launched TeamKit to help managers build and run happy remote teams. I wanted to share one of the most thought-provoking questions on our 2021 Remote Hiring Survey for managers:
"If we could wave a magic wand to make your remote hiring process better in some way – what would that be?"
Answers we received so far include...
🔎 identify candidates well-suited to remote working
📺 improve the interview experience
🎣 make it easier to track and request interviewer feedback
📢 help candidates track progress
🌎 make screening process more inclusive
⚖️ reduce interviewer bias
What is your answer? It only takes 3 minutes to fill out our survey at and I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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    Completed the survey, Joe.

    As Hrishikesh pointed out, the challenge is to determine whether the candidates are suitable for remote work. I have come across a few questionnaires that help to identify such candidates but we haven't yet given it try.

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      Thanks for doing that, Mark.

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      Done Joe - filled the survey. For me, if you could wave a magic, I would like to have candidates who would do well in a remote role quickly and at the front of the line :)

      Congrats on building TeamKit!

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        Thanks for filling out, Hrishikesh, really appreciate your time. Yeah, knowing that candidates are well suited to thrive remotely is something that keeps coming up from managers. I also wonder, though, if those candidates who are not remote-suited could be educated/trained to work well?

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          Great point, Joe. I feel they can be trained and a way I can think of is to map a mentor & have them work in the same city for the inital weeks/months. Just that it's too much hassle for a small team or startup to plan & execute this on their own.

          In fact, taking a step back, it's even tough to judge whether a candidate would do in a remote role through just an interview process. We use proxies like whether they have taken initiatives during college or how well they write but all of this is not fool-proof. Just last Saturday, we discussed that a short trial of 2-3 weeks may be the best way to judge if a candidate does well remotely.