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Top remote products this week on Remote Tools.

✔️ Vaam is a video communication tool that lets users create and access a shareable video in seconds.

💰 Free forever plan available. Paid plans start at €10 user /month

🤑 Deal

Get 2 months of free Vaam Pro by applying the code REMOTE21 on the pricing page.

✔️ Testsigma is a complete test automation ecosystem that allows agile teams to simplify and accelerate their testing.

💰 Free plan available

✔️ TidyCal is a simple and affordable calendar-booking solution. With TidyCal, you can plan meetings without the back-and-forth emailing and instantly create booking pages.

💰 Free plan available

🤑 Deal

Use code ORIGINALS10 for 10% off. Get the lifetime plan for $19 here.

✔️ Swair is an all-in-one task management tool, communication hub, client portal and payment gateway.

💰 Free plan available. The paid plan starts at $20 per month

✔️ eWorkspace is a virtual office platform that enables co-workers to collaborate and work together remotely.

💰 Free to start

🤑 Deal

Use code FREE4RC to get exclusive free access for your team.


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    Woo hoo so glad for the feature Hrishikesh! Any who's interested in learning more about TidyCal (it's the most affordable alternative to Calendly out there), DM me on Twitter - happy to chat!

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      Vaam - @goharavagyan-2054

      TestSigma - @lavanyac-2036

      TidyCal - @lukecannon-1988

      Swair - @chris-2053