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Hi Everyone!

My name is Kirsten and I am a Neurolanguage Coach and am looking to market my services online in Japan, I am based in South Africa where English is our native language. Do you have any advice on targeting the Japanese market online? Thanks so much


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    Hi Kirsten, I am not an expert at the Japanese market but one core network I’d advise you to use is Twitter. Japan has one of the largest Twitter user pools but you’ll have to know the language. Not sure if you speak [and write] in Japanese, but having a separate account for this specific market would help a ton. I also recommend you keep up with trending topics in Japan to get an idea of what you can talk about.

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      Hi Kirsten! I think Alexandra’s Twitter tip is a good one. Have you tried searching for Japanese companies in your area on LinkedIn? Maybe use specific filters and start from there… I’m not an expert on the Japanese market either, but I believe you could also try advertising your services on platforms that are searched by clients from all over the world (Like Upwork, People per Hour, and the likes) and maybe use their filters for your profile to show in Japan or nearby areas. If you own a website and use Google Ads you can also set up your account so that it targets Japanese users when they search Google for services like yours :)

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      Thanks for the mention Karthik :-)

      Hey Kirsten!

      Glad to have you here and happy you shared this so quick!

      I am not entirely sure if someone can help with inputs specific to the Japanese market but I am sure they will have inputs on how to market services online :-)

      @aldalima & @alexandra-86: Would love to hear your inputs & advice on this!

      Some quick context on Alda and Alexandra for others -

      1. Alda is a freelance translator & interpreter and has been freelancing for 11+ years.

      2. Alexandra is a remote content marketer and freelance SaaS writer. She recently authored and launched an entire guide on growth hacking - https://swaymetrics.com/growth-hacking-guide.

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        @hrishikesh Do you think there is someone in the community who would have knowledge about Japan?

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          Hi there guys! Thanks so much for your replies. Japan is not my only target, I am targeting Europe too. So if you have any advice on good platforms maybe a little less known globally but more locally. Any advice is a learning experience. Thanks so much