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Hi there lovely people.

As I am starting my own business, I would like to ask you what factors you take into consideration when choosing a social media platform. My experience on Facebook is not good, with people only hoping to score free lessons. I am not an English teacher riding on the wave of this global ESL trend currently, I want to find real people, with real problems and to help them speak English in a mindful and expressive way. I have been enjoying Linkedin, although no sales yet, loads more professional interaction. I look forward to hearing your experiences!


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    I think it really depends on the business. Different industries/fields congregate on different platforms. Twitter is where itโ€™s at for tech, media, higher ed, for example. Instagram for retail, fitness, health/beauty. FB is good for business that mostly cater to local clientele. I think LinkedIn really depends on your role in the business. Could you tell us more about the business?

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      Rightly said. It entirely depends on the type of business to conclude which social media platform to focus on.

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        @lindsayalissa thanks so much for responding and for the insight. Iโ€™m a Neurolanguage coach, I teach English and communication to a preferred niche like older people, parents and those in the sports industry. My goal markets. Especially sport because after doing research I donโ€™t find anyone in the coaching industry who has an English as well as professional sports experience and qualifications. Thatโ€™s what I do, and the area Iโ€™m moving towards. Parents who need to be learning English now, so their kids donโ€™t have the same troubles communicating. And the older people are so afraid, I just love love nurturing them. Thanks for reading!

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        Hey Kirsten,

        Sorry for the late reply on this post. I had bookmarked it but never got around to replying to it. Already @lindsayalissa has done a beautiful job of explaining the different platforms.

        Just trying to add to it - I would think that there would be some really relevant Facebook groups which would have the type of audience you are looking at. So, instead of focusing on groups which focus on English learning, focus on those which have your audience - sports industry-related and the elderly. Those groups might have a different objective, but you know your people are in it.

        Start by generally engaging on that channel - don't sell for a few weeks. Get to know people and you will understand the kind of conversations they appreciate. Once you do that, you will be able to subtly market yourself without disturbing the sensibility of those groups.

        You also have direct websites like Chegg, where you can find some tuition jobs. They might not immediately fit your audience but might be a good way to get started.ย ย 


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          Definitely wanted to echo Karthik: don't try to sell right away. Just engage people for a few weeks and demonstrate that you can be a good community member. When you do start to advertise your services, still continue to engage on other topics.