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Hello all, 


I'm excited to share the results of my surveys on long-term remote work travel accommodations with this community! 


Over 1,221 unique votes were cast between 74 participants on the OpinionX survey platform.



Guests Survey

Pain points finding long-term remote work accommodations

The Question

What are the pain points when finding long-term (1+ week) remote work accommodations on platforms like Airbnb?

#1 Response

Airbnb owners are not proactive enough in accommodating remote workers (ie. desks, stable WiFi and providing information on the sizes of each room)

Results (53 Participants)

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Hosts Survey

Pain points finding long-term remote work accommodations

The Question

What is the most difficult aspect of finding long-term (2+ weeks) remote workers to book your listing?

#1 Response

I don't know what areas long-term remote workers prefer to stay in

Results (21 Participants)

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Thoughts on the results

- Guests ranked WiFi issues among their top concern when booking, and hosts ranked WiFi issues as dead last as a problem in finding remote work guests

- Almost every guest issue fell into one of three cateogires: Inability to find reviews from other remote-work travelers, Lack of workstation amenities, WiFi Issues



How can we address these problems?

As a remote worker in the middle of a 6-month trip, I've faced every single pain-point identified by the 53 participants in the guest survey. The first thing I do when I walk into a month-long remote work rental is open up my laptop, cross my fingers, and pray that the WiFi is going to be fast enough for me to actually do my job.


These experiences inspired me to build Offie, a listings review platform that aims to provide a curated selection of high-quality listings for remote workers. Reviews on Offie include feedback from other remote workers, in-depth WiFi metrics and individual workstation details.


We are currently looking for beta testers - if you are a remote worker or vacation rental host, please join! I would really appreciate any and all feedback.


Become an Offie beta tester


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    This is a great deep dive into the process of understanding and building a value proposition. Thanks for sharing, Patrick! 🙌

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      THANK YOU for sharing. As soon as I can get back into my Airbnb, I'm going to carve out a more deliberate workstation!

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        Glad to be able to share it out with the community! I think that's a great idea - as a remote worker, I immediately skip through all of the listing photos to try and find the one or two workstation photos (if there are any).

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        Interesting results. I fully agree that having stable, high-speed internet connectivity is at the top of the mind for remote workers while looking for stays. Signed up for the beta program and can't wait to test it out!

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          Thanks - looking forward to getting your feedback!