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Hey everyone!

Cactus is a global tech company with workforce of 3000+ people, working remotely for the past year and serving customers from 190+ countries.  We have recieved numerous accolades for our culture and people practices and have been a great place to work for over a decade.

We are looking to make transition from being a remote-friendly,  to becoming a Remote-First Organization. Currently looking for Head of Remote, who can lead us thru this journey.

If you have experience or expertise of transitioning workforce of a mid-large organization from onsite to remote mode, you will fit right in. Feel free to also refer someone you know who might be suitable for this role. 

To know more about the opening, check LinkedIn.

To know more about Cactus, check our website.


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    Hi Yashmi, 

    Makes me so happy to see more companies realizing the importance of the Head of Remote, that only means to me that Cactus is thinking in the future but even more important is thinking in culture and collaboration across remote teams.

    For that reason I wanted to tell you about RootLo App, a tool helping companies and employees navigate this structural shift in where work is done. Pretty much a product to maximize the efficiency of the Head of Remote....

    Please take a look at this short demo and let me know what you think... Either way I will be looking to someone to recommend you! 


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      hi Luis, Thank you for sharing the brief demo link. I went thru the product - it is quite useful. Just that the water-cooler program design is quite different from what the product has to offer :-(   But I liked what it is able to do. 

      If you have any candidates in mind for the HOR position, please do refer.   

      Thanks once again.