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JPMorgan calls its senior executives back to their office...

...but Mark encourages companies to implement remote working...

...as Anand agrees that a fake commute can help ease the transition while working from home...

...and finally, Osaretin presents a brilliant idea to make remote working more convenient (P.S: Listen up automakers).


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    I love the last point here ... "it is actually 'work from anywhere'". I think some companies are seeing the move away from offices as a way to save a ton of money on office rent, furniture, snacks, etc. But I'm afraid that makes it too easy to overlook some new costs - those associated with internet stipends (either home or hotspots to actually work from anywhere), shipping items all over (anyone ever had to overnight a laptop across the country before?), etc. And as a huge fan of coworking, and the accompanying community building, I would love more companies to cover those costs for employees where working from their actual home just isn't feasible. 

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      Absolutely! I have no doubts that people are going to realize the "costs" associated with remote work. Not only the first-order ones as you have mentioned but also the second-order ones.

      The existing remote work companies did not have to go remote unwillingly with communication processes not aligned to working remotely. Thus, I believe that these second-order ones are going to new to the world.

      And one of the first would be employee attrition/ lack of applicants entering the recruiting pipeline.