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When my co-founder and I stepped out of coporate and decided to do gigthree - we were driven by one purpose which soon became our vision... reimagine the independent expert consultant experience. Not only from a tech solution perspective but more importantly perhaps as a human experience.

Having lived in both worlds with stark differences when it comes to understanding of what great independent talent is and the value it brings; and having seen the disconnected values system between full-time and what is termed 'contingent workforce' who are not even considered employees; and having experienced how companies miss on some of the best minds out there because of the misperception that independent talents are cheaper and may not be very skilled, are disposable and easily replaceable, and therefore are not a significant asset to the organization, we both so strongly believe that the time has come to radically change all that. We do that by rethinking this workforce's experience given the role they are playing not only in business continuity but in reshaping the future of work for decades to come.


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    Whole-heartedly agree, Hanadi.

    For quite a while I have voiced that independent contractors don't get the respect they deserve. I have even written in the past that the best way to make a partnership with an independent contractor a success, is to treat them as you would any other employee in your company.

    The perspective that contractors or freelancers are "cheap labour" and not talented professionals is quite a misnomer. Quite a lot of this is going to change over the next decade. With remote work growing, the lines between a contractor/consultant and a full-time remote employee starts becoming quite blurred. And it would be in each company's best interest to have a fair mix of both while treating them as equals.

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      100% Karthik ... this is the age of hybrid workforce and HR better get theor heads around this new workforce planning and management model