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We don’t use Slack at work, so … no nifty Donut plug-in. After my global hybrid team went fully remote after the pandemic started, I took it upon myself to mimic the social roulette wheel that Donut offers. It’s been going strong for months now. We’re split among 3 different continents, and every Wednesday morning I assign the team into four random groups and post them, along with the contact details for each of our four recurring WebEx meetings. It’s been delightful to get to know my team members outside the context of our daily professional assignments.

The rules are simple:

  1. Call into your assigned WebEx at 10:30a
  2. Talk about anything … except work.
  3. Have fun!

How do you get to know your colleagues better while you’re virtual? What has worked well for you in your workplace?


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    Our team is relatively small, so we just extend our usual Friday standup and talk about shows, something interesting that’s happened in the week or pretty much anything except work.

    My wife’s company is much larger (was hybrid initially & now remote) and they have sort of an unwind event each Friday evening for an entire business group (~100 people). Mostly it is a game that they all play on Zoom and is co-ordinated by a couple of people from their HR team.

    They had a fun event last Friday where they were celebrating all birthdays & work anniversaries in July. The host would show a couple of pictures & share some information about the person and the rest of the group has to guess who it is. This is then followed by the person giving a short speech.

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      Sounds fun, Scott! How often do these sessions last? Planning to try this out with my colleagues

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        Thanks! We found that a half hour feels just right. It’s weekly, which at any other (non-pandemic time) might seem to frequent, but I think bi-weekly would work as well.