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Tape - Video Messaging for Teams

Stop Scheduling. Start Recording! Important matters shouldn't wait hours and days. Record videos of your screen or camera and share instantly.

Hi Clan 👋

I'm Jay. A founder of a new startup from Korea that is building a video messaging app for remote teams. 

✨Tape - Try for Free

Sick of endless meetings? Tape is here to get your day back.✨

Tape lets you communicate with your team by recording and exchanging videos of your screen and webcam with just a couple of clicks. No installation is needed!

With Tape, you can quickly record your message and share it with your teammate. And you can expect a reply back from your teammate in a thread. If you are already familiar with Loom, CloudApp, or else, the key difference! (for now😎)

We are just 5-month-old and now we are at the stage where we are desperate for feedback from early testers.🙇‍♂️ Are there any good, kind, nice, generous people who are willing to try out Tape and help us with cold-hearted, brutal feedback? 

You can contact me at [email protected] anytime!

Hope to hear from you! 




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    Hi Jay, I'd be happy to help!! Fair warning, although I work with a tech start up, I'm probably the least technical person in the tech world!!! 

    I'll send you an email!!

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      Thank you, Sammi for the kind gesture!