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Webflow, a remote-friendly company that helps businesses build no-code websites, announced that it has raised $140 million Series B valuing it at $2.1 billion.

Despite a failed Kickstarter campaign and getting rejected from YC, Webflow now has 2 million users and over 100k customers across 190 countries. Not to mention, the tens of thousands of projects being launched every month.

Webflow is hardly the only no-code company to receive massive funding in recent months:

• In July, UiPath raised $225m at a $10.2B valuation to build out its “robotic process automation” platform

• In October, Mastercard joined a $5.4 million funding round for Signzy. This no-code tool helps financial services automate risk and compliance processes.

• In October, Unqork raised $207m in a Series C at a $2 billion valuation. It helps large companies build, deploy, and manage complex applications. Goldman Sachs, Liberty Mutual, the Cities of New York, and Washington DC are using Unqork to build enterprise applications faster, without any code.

• In addition to funding, companies are also acquiring no-code startups. In October, Celonis acquired Integromat- an alternative to Zapier, for over $100 million. Integromat is a $10 million business and has more than 11,000 customers.

Large firms are using no-code tools to connect the dots between different parts of their business without needing to use a single line of code.

According to Forrester Research, 84% of enterprises have already begun using low-code and no-code software.

People also began streamlining internal processes and automating operational workflows to save time and effort. No-code also made it possible for creators previously hindered by the ability to code to create and market products. Because a world where only 1% of people can code and solve problems, is a world missing 99% of its potential.

Will no-code solutions democratize tech skills? What do you think is in store for no-code in 2021?