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Hi everyone!


I was thinking of using this post to gather more information from the community on Visa requirements and/or incentives for Digital Nomads who might be thinking of spending some time in a new country – or hopping from one to one.


There have been a few great posts about this here by some of our Digital Nomads.

For example, in this post, called ‘More Cities will soon offer cash incentives for Digital Nomads’, @annarogers mentions that a few US cities have launched incentive programs that offer remote workers cash to relocate there. And in the same post @ashleythomas  mentioned that most cities that offer these incentives are in the US. Does anyone know if this happens in other countries, or, like @ineation wondered, if they would be open to offering this to foreigners?


Ashley also wrote this post right here about  Barbados’ 12-Month Welcome Stamp for remote workers and wondered what factors go into consideration while picking an ideal remote working destination, like property prices, internet speed and costs, access to coffee shops & co-working spaces, and access to public services, which got me thinking that we shouldn’t think only of countries offering incentives.


What factors did you take into consideration when moving to a new country? What was your experience like? How did you get to stay in a new country for longer than a regular tourist visa allows?


I’d also like to add external links on this subject here, so please if you find any relevant information please feel free to share in this post 😊


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    Interesting topic! I live in Spain, and there is a digital nomad visa here, as well as in Portugal (but no paid incentives to move here). 

    Just like the remote U.S. towns though, some small/dying towns in Europe have floated remote work programs over the past few years. Many in Italy, and even an island in Ireland (which touts fast internet). Mostly you have to prove a pretty firm baseline income to even qualify because these are towns looking for people to settle there longer term, that's why they'll pay (some even give bonuses if you have a kid while living there!). 

    A couple links here:

    I've lived in a few places all over the world, and I always look for: how open the culture is to foreigners, the size of the expat community, internet speed, how intriguing I find the culture (you need to be very interested or else it might start to annoy you when there's a lot of friction as you try to figure out life in a new culture/place). 

    Hope that helps! 

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      Very on point & helpful, thanks for sharing this Shannon :-)

      For the benefit of others on this thread, also sharing this comment where you nicely put the best places to visit as a nomad/ remote worker.

      What's on your wishlist now though? 🤔

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        Thank you, Shannon. I completely agree you have to be interested in the culture if you're planning on staying there for a long time!


        Thank you for those links, I've been reading about the Italian villages for a while, but I had no idea about the Irish island 😍

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        Great initiative Alda and thanks for this post :-)

        Tagging the users you've mentioned in the post - @ashleythomas @ineation @annarogers. We have notifications triggered only through comments 😐

        I don't have much experience myself travelling to different countries but adding in some of our members who are digital nomads themselves and will surely have great points to add. @shannonodonnell-530 @dinoscool3 @ebizfacts @andrew @jaayden-45 @carlosjonay-93 @mathieu-96 @vidrec @fernandaprats-5 @shanewhite-12

        @taras-481 & @stephsmith-11 are also avid travellers and will be able to share a lot from their experience.

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          Thanks so for the tag @hrishikesh! 

          I traveled around for 4 years while nomading, so happy to answer any questions. I generally would recommend starting in one of the nomad hubs like Canggu, Chiang Mai, Medellin, or Lisbon. You can also scope out places on NomadList:, but of course, right now not everything is open. Visas are generally easy to get, but you can also use Nomadlist or Visalist ( to scope these out.

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            That's very helpful Steph :-)

            I'm thinking of having a collections section on Remote Clan where we can add in relevant posts & links. I'll make sure to add this in once it is up.

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              Yes, Hrishikesh, that would be great!

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              Thank you so much for these links, Steph! I will check them out for sure and come back with any questions!

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            Hey everyone,

            @Hrishikseh just shared this on LinkedIn and I thought it would be cool to share it here - Dubai has launched a remote-working programme too


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              Perfect Alda, thanks for sharing this here :)

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                Also adding in this article (shared by @hanadi-540) that has an extensive list of places offering remote work visa -

                Original post on Remote Clan - Link.

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                  Awesome, apppreciate it! 😎