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Last week, I wrote a piece about the cities offering incentives to remote workers in the US and how more international countries should open up. Now, international cities such as Barbados and Estonia are set to welcome digital nomads with open arms.

Barbados Beach

Barbados, a Caribbean island with pristine waters and inviting beaches, is allowing remote workers to stay visa-free for up to one year. As expected, this program has sparked global interest and I can say many will take advantage of this. Finally, your dreams of sipping pina colada while working remotely is going to come true.

Estonia Skyline

Next, we have a beautiful Baltic European Union Country - Estonia. They have gone a step further to allow the creation of a digital nomad visa, thereby becoming the first-ever country to introduce it. A special visa for remote workers- now that makes me feel privileged!

All these sound really exciting but what’s the catch?

Barbados doesn’t seem to have any, as long as you are following the local safety procedures. But in Estonia, you will need to prove earnings of over £3,000 per month to apply for this program.

Would you travel to these cities? What’s your next destination?


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    These pictures certainly do look inviting:)