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As companies worldwide gear up for the return to the office, Google and Microsoft have released new features in response to the rise of the hybrid workplace.ย 

Google announced new advancements to its Workspace productivity offering. This includes the rollout of spaces in Google Chat.ย 

Spaces integrates with Workspace tools, like the Calendar, Drive and Docs, to provide a better way for people to engage in topic-based discussions, share knowledge and ideas, move projects forward and build communities.

It also helps users to see the full history, context and content of conversations, so everyone can follow along and jump in to contribute at any time.

Apart from this, Google also rolled out redesigned functions on Gmail that better connects to Google Workspace with the ability to โ€œringโ€ another Google user with Google Meet.


Meanwhile, Microsoft has announced a range of new product updates across products including Microsoft Teams, Viva and LinkedIn to further facilitate hybrid work.

Microsoft is updating the companion mode in Teams mobile to give in-room attendees quick access to engagement features like chat, live reactions, and Microsoft Whiteboard.ย 

Also later this month, Microsoft Viva will be released. It provides a single employee app for company communications, news and announcements โ€” all in a personalized feed right in Teams.

Additionally, LinkedIn is adding new fields to job postings where organizations can now indicate whether the job is remote, hybrid, or on-site, helping job seekers find jobs that align with their preferences.