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Top remote-first products this week on Remote Tools 


✔️ Afino is a tool that makes it easy to keep your team connected and engaged. Afino learns about what types of activities your team loves, then plans and hosts them for you.

💰 14 day free trial. Paid plans starts from $3/ month/ user

🤑 Deal

Drop a comment if you would like to get 33% discount on pricing ($2/user vs $3/user)


✔️ Mentalist is a simple note-taking tool that allows you to manage all your lists in a single page. Alternative to Google Keep and Evernote.

💰 Free 


✔️ Bergamot is a job board that aggregates remote tech vacancies from over 150,000 companies' career pages and provides powerful full-text search. Alternative to We Work Remotely and Remote.co

💰 Free 


✔️ Ricotta is an OKR goal setting and management app on Slack. It makes team collaboration easier and prioritizes what matters to you.

💰 Paid plans start from $27/ month. Billed yearly


✔️ Z-Stream is an agile management, product development, and issue-tracking tool.  Built by agile developers for agile teams, Z-Stream software is a comprehensive solution to product development. 

💰 Free trial. Paid plans start from $10/ month


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    Mentalist - @thomasskyttegaardhansen-1264

    Bergamot - @barbara-1258

    Ricotta - @ajeya-1294