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Slack expands its messaging functionality by allowing its users to send direct messages to any person outside the company. 

The new feature is being called Slack Connect and is available to all Slack users, even those on the free plan. 



How does it work?

You can send an invitation to anyone through their work email address. Once the recipient accepts an invitation, they will be added as a new contact in your Slack sidebar. You will then be able to send messages.

What went wrong?

Upon its rollout, critics were quick to point out that this feature can be used for sending abusive messages. So far, Slack has apologized and is working to rectify this error. 

Have you tried this new feature on Slack? What are your thoughts on this?


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    At my current job up until two months ago we had used G-Suite for email. We switched to Office then. I use it mainly for email, and the amount of spam I have received in the last six weeks is significantly higher; I would say several junk emails a day where previously on GMail I almost never saw any junk. I am afraid Slack could turn into that with this new feature.

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      Totally agree with you, this is something Slack should not overlook.