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The Remote-First Culture Handbook

A critical failure of many companies that have gone remote has been making their employees feel like they belong. The one element they have been missing? Building a remote-first culture. We dive into 30 strategies to build a remote culture from 6 remote leaders.

“My single greatest concern about remote work is talent. As individuals disassociate themselves with their organizations from a cultural standpoint, it becomes increasingly easy for them to make decisions to leave and go elsewhere.”

This was the reaction of one business leader when The Wall Street Journal asked what he thought if remote work were to continue indefinitely.

He isn't the only CEO afraid of a future of remote working and rushing to go back to the office to recover their "company culture."

However, if implemented correctly, remote work will actually increase your employee retention.

You just have to know how to build a remote-first culture.

Luckily, through our interviews with remote leaders in our newsletter, we have collected a wealth of strategies to create a remote-first culture handbook.

A special thanks to Rowena Hennigan, Katie Scheuer, Sarah Hawley, Paul McKinlay, Lisette Sutherland, and Gary Walker for contributing your knowledge to The Remote Times and helping others thrive in their distributed or hybrid companies.

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Make every employee, regardless of where they are, feel a part of your company's mission.