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🚨New Feature Alert 🚨

We have added the option of canonical URLs & do-follow links when you make a new post 😎

So what does this mean exactly?

1) You can now repurpose all of your existing/new content on Remote Clan without worrying about duplicate content. All you need to do is add the original article URL when making a new post like this:

2) All links on Remote Clan posts are now 'do follow', so hopefully you will get some SEO juice flowing into your website!

How cool is that 🤓 If you have any questions, shoot them in the comments below.


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    Quite cool! I was planning to share my newsletter content on Remote Clan from now. This makes it even better.

    Thanks, Hrishikesh!

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      That's awesome Hrishikesh. Look forward to sharing the content we are creating around remote work.


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        Look forward to reading it, Manoj :)

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        Wow 😀
        Amazing update, Hrishikesh. Time to start utilizing this right away! 

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          That's awesome Hrishikesh! I guess this only applies to future posts as we can't modify already posted posts, right? 

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            Ah, missed mentioning this. You can edit existing posts too. Let me know if you face any issues doing this :)

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              I don't see the Edit Post feature... only a link to my profile, save + comment below the post name. 

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                Ah right, the edit functionality is restricted to only a few hours after making the post. Changed & made editing possible regardless of time of posting :)

                Can you check if you're able to make edits now?

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                  Still not... Can you tell me where it is on the interface exactly? 

                  Otherwise, don't worry. I'll use this awesome feature next time I post :)

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                    Oh, sure. It's just below the post title.

                    If you're still facing an issue finding it, I can add the canonical manually too :)

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            Awesome 😍

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              Cheers Mine :)

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              thanks - I'm going to try this now