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In Feb this year, Revolut, UK's popular fintech company, announced its permanent remote working policy. Among other things, they were planning to adopt the hybrid model while redesigning existing office spaces for more collaboration.

Now, they have come up with an interesting "digital nomad" program that will allow its 2,000 employees to work from anywhere in the world for 2 months a year!

Work from anywhere in the world for 2 months

The great thing about this program is that people don't have to plan their travel during busy months when everyone else is travelling too.

One of their US employees, originally from Spain, has to say this about the new policy

I will not have to travel on busy dates to rush to see my family in Spain.

No more emotional stress for not being able to see my loved ones for celebrations or at times when they need my support because I have no holiday days left.

And I hopefully won't miss any more of my friends' weddings.

It's still far from ideal, but it's a fantastic program to have as part of a hybrid workplace.

Why not fully remote?

Revolut is still hesitant to commit to a fully remote model. While they say the reason is that employees want to visit offices frequently, I suspect the real reason is that they see it as a big risk to implement full remote right away.

Ideally, Revolut or any other company planning to adopt hybrid, doesn't need to tie people to a particular location or an office. Even in a fully remote model, employees can still be given the choice to work from any nearby office or a co-working space.

So the real reason to not go full remote is just this resistance towards a big change.

Regardless, it's a positive sign that Revolut is introducing such a flexible digital nomad program coupled with redesigning its offices so that 70% of space is dedicated to collaboration and co-working.

Hopefully very soon, we will see these companies transition to a fully remote model too.