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In an epic move, LinkedIn will now allow employees to choose between full-time remote work or hybrid work options.ย 

Commenting on the new policy, Hanson said,

"We anticipate that we'll definitely see more remote employees than what we saw prior to the pandemic,"ย 

This came as a major shift from the initial policy, where employees were to work from the office 50% of the time after the COVID-19 restrictions lift.

LinkedIn was one of the first companies to allow employees to work from home when COVID 19 hit the US and has now completely embraced remote work. Read more about it here.ย 

The company is now set to reopen offices globally based on the COVID-19 infection rates in the particular location. As remote work brings the opportunity to move locations, employees who do so will see their pay adjusted according to the local market rates theyโ€™re based in.ย 

Looking at the trend of major tech companies, the industry is more or less split in its embrace for permanent remote work. As Appleโ€™s internal fight over WFH policies still intensifies, this new policy from LinkedIn has come as a welcome change!


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    Some confusion in reporting here, some sites claim 'employees' choose, some 'team' chooses, and some 'manager' chooses.